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Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY Glitter Trees Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make the DIY Glitter trees featured in the Christmas Birthday Party. I forgot to take photos of the process when I made the originally. I had planned to make another to show but my local craft store is out of the cones now. :( You will have to use your imagination as you read along.

Start with paper mache cones in any variety of sizes. You could also use foam cones but I liked the smoothness of these to work with.

Hold on to the tip and drizzle plain white Elmer's Glue all over cone. I used a sponge brush to spread the glue over the cone evenly until covered.  You can go back after the base is dried and touch up the tip.

Sprinkle glitter of any color over entire cone while rotating and tap off excess. 
Set carefully on wax paper and allow to dry. Once it is dry go back and touch up the tip and any other spots light on glitter. I just used my sponge again with a light amount of glue on it. I dabbed any needed spots and sprinkled the glitter again.

Once final touch ups are dried go outside and spray entire cone with a sealer like this. It will seal the glitter so it does not flake off everywhere and give it a glossy shine.

 Allow to dry and you will have gorgeous glitter cone trees. Super easy and sparkly.

Mine are now a part of my Christmas mantle

and end table. I added a few vases of ornaments and this quick and easy subway art Christmas wording to complete the look.

Give them a try and have fun crafting!
As always feel free to post your crafty creations on my facebook wall. www.facebook.com/5mcreations.

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